Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Tawa to Pukerua

Sunday 15 October started out with heavy rain, but by afternoon it cleared up to a fine blue sky. So it was after 2pm when we took off for a ride. We parked at Takapu Road Station (much easier on the weekend in the park-and-ride carpark), and set off along Te Ara Tawa. Initially we planned to go as far as Gear Homestead or perhaps Plimmerton, but then John suggested we go and explore the other half of Pukerua Bay that we had not yet covered when we biked there last June.

As we came off Te Ara Tawa near Kenepuru, we met our friend Colin (both a biking and a dancing buddy of ours) going in the opposite direction. We stopped briefly to chat and continued on our way. Then I noticed in my rear-view mirror that we were being followed. Colin had decided to turn around and come along with us.

We stopped at Gear Homestead Café for coffee and cake, and enjoyed the sunshine and pleasant chat.

A swathe of purple daisies below the Aotea subdivision (photo by John)

With Colin at Gear Homestead (photo by John)

We rode to Plimmerton, and then on Te Ara Harakeke to Pukerua, where we crossed SH1 via the pedestrian overbridge.

The southern part of this suburb was quite small and some of it looked quite new. There wasn’t a lot to explore however, as there were only three or four streets, all of which were dead-ends. There were some lovely houses though.

On Te Ara Harakeke (photo by John)

I covet this house on Gray Street (photo by John)

John made me go back to look at the logo on this red Mazda (photo by John)

The railway crossing near the Tawa Pool (photo by John)

Colin accompanied us all the way back to our car. We had done 47 km by then. Colin however still had to bike back to his home in Titahi Bay, so he must have done quite an impressive distance that day. It was very nice to have his company.

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