Wellington City Rides

I have summarised the rides we have done within Wellington City. This will hopefully make it easier to find out what cycling the city has to offer. Another page will summarise rides we have done in the wider Wellington Region.

The blog posts listed below are in reverse chronological order, i.e. the latest is at the top.

23 February 2018 – Miscellaneous local rides – A description of four rides, one of which was along the Wellington waterfront.

25 December 2017 – A Christmas Day city ride – A ride around city streets on the one day in the year when the city is deserted. 

26 Ocober 2017 – Churton Park – A look at the new streets being built as our suburb expands.

20 October 2017 – Greta Point to Seatoun – Around the Miramar Peninsula, with lunch in the sun at the Chocolate Frog, and along to Seatoun.

2 December 2016 – Wellington Waterfront to Miramar – Train into town, the along the waterfront, around the Miramar Peninsula to Worser Bay, over the hill back to Miramar, and back to the train.

15 April 2016 – Miramar Peninsula and Island Bay Cycleway – Starting from Greta Point, a ride around Miramar Peninsula, meeting a former cycling Olympian, biking along the newly completed – and controversial – Island Bay Cycleway.

6 March 2016 – Wellington Waterfront – Dragon boat races and other delights – An easy ride along the waterfront with lots of colourful activities.

5 March 2016 – Ride to the Source – West Wind Windfarm at Makara – A ride with newly formed group Wellington Chargers, i.e. owners of e-bikes. Ride from Karori, to West Wind and Makara and back.

17 February 2016 – Ciclovía, Ataturk Memorial Park, and the Wellington Waterfront 

25 January 2016 – e-Bike Group Ride – This group ride for users of electrically assisted bikes was organised by Switched On Bikes. The ride started on Queen’s Wharf and went up to the top of Miramar Peninsula, and back again. 

15 January 2016 – Summer evening ride in the city 

10 January 2016 – Christmas Day City Ride – A ride in a deserted city taking in Parliament Grounds, Pukeahu national War Memorial Park, the Basin Reserve, and the Wellington waterfront. 

9 January 2016 – Wellington South Coast – Lyall Bay, Owhiro Bay and Happy Valley Road. 

3 November 2015 – Miscellaneous rides – Local “errands” rides; Tawa to Mana; Miramr Peninsula. 

1 November 2015 – Ohariu – Makara – Karori – Not strictly within city confines, but a Wellington ride nonetheless. 

1 October 2015 – Two short rides – Hutt River Trail and Wellington Waterfront

17 June 2015 – Wellington South Coast and a Ceilidh – Lyall Bay to Owhiro Bay on a day when there was a huge southerly swell coming in from Cook Strait. 

30 May 2015 – Miramar Peninsula and Ataturk Memorial – A ride to the top of Miramar, and returning round the bays, on a day when there were huge swells in the sea. 

24 May 2015 – Local suburb ride – A ride in our suburb of Churton Park. 

2 May 2015 – Ohariu – Makara Beach – Karori – Ohariu and Makara are the closest “rural” areas near Wellington. 

29 April 2015 – Wellington Waterfront and Pencarrow – Two rides written up on the same post.

9 March 2015 – The third Ciclovía – In 2014 there were three Ciclovías in Wellington, where a section of road around the Miramar Peninsula was closed to motorised traffic, so walkers and cyclists could use the road without danger from cars. 

6 March 2015 – Wellington Waterfront 

25 February 2015 – Ohariu – Makara – Karori loop – A try-out of our e-bikes over a longer distance and some hill climbs, in preparation for our “roadie” to Nelson.

20 February 2015 – Six rides since the Mackenzie trip – This post describes six rides, including the first and second Ciclovía rides, and one along the Wellington Waterfront. 

26 January 2015 – Four early January rides – This post includes a Wellington Waterfront ride.

6 December 2014 – E-bike around our suburb – We biked around our suburb (Churton Park) on our newly acquired electric bikes. 

5 November 2014 – Wellington South Coast – Lyall Bay to Owhiro Road, and down The Parade in Island Bay. 

14 October 2014 – Hataitai and Wellington Waterfront

6 September 2014 – Miramar – We explore through the streets of Miramar

10 August 2014 – Kilbirnie, Hataitai and Roseneath and a new milestone – A ride to the top of Hataitai and along the waterfront. I reach a milestone of having biked 2,000 km since I got this bike. 

9 July 2014 – Wellington hometown tourist – Not a bike ride, but a walk through the city, exploring beautiful buildings and discovering works of art we didn’t know were there. 

6 July 2014 – Two rides and a Ball – One of the rides is along the Wellington waterfront. The other is in the Hutt Valley. 

10 June 2014 – Wellington South Coast – Lyall Bay to Owhiro Bay and back.

17 February 2014 – Miramar Peninsula Ciclovía – The first time Wellington had a Ciclovía, where a section of road from Shelly Bay to Scorching Bay is closed off to motorised traffic, to the benefit of walkers and cyclists.

15 February 2014 – Wellington Waterfront 

4 January 2014 – Wellington Waterfront and a milestone for John – A waterfront ride, and John clocks up 2,000 km (on all three of his bikes) since January 2013. 

3 November 2013 – Wellington Waterfront 

16 September 2013 – Wellington South Coast – again – Owhiro Bay to Lyall Bay. 

10 September 2013 – Wellington Waterfront – again 

5 August 2013 – Wellington Waterfront – This was an “Ode to the Wellington Waterfront”, and includes photos of all the sculptures along the way. 

7 July 2013 – Wellington’s South Coast – A ride to see the damage inflicted on the south coast by a severe storm on 20 June 2013.


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