Porirua Rides

To make it easier to find rides in particular areas, I have listed rides in several parts of the Wellington Region (outside of Wellington City). Mostly they are rides that are less than an hour’s drive from the city. I have sorted them into different areas:
  • The Hutt Valley – from the Rimutaka Rail Trail in the north, down the river valley, to Pencarrow in the south.
  • Porirua – From Tawa to Pukerua, and from Mana to Pauatahanui and Whitby
  • Kapiti – From Paekakariki to Otaki
  • The Wairarapa

Links are listed in reverse chronological order, i.e. the latest ride is at the top.

7 March 2018 – Folding Goldies ride – "Spice up your ride through Spicer Forest" – The group met at Johnsonville station, biked up Cortina Ave and into Ohariu Valley. Mill Creek Road, along the ridge, and down a different track to below Spicers Landfill. Down the hill to Porirua, and home on Te Ara Tawa and Middleton Road. 

19 January 2018 – Ohariu to Porirua – A new place to explore. Biking from home, into Ohariu Valley, to Mill Creek road, along the ridge to behind Spicers Landfill, to Porirua and lunch at Gear Homestead café. Then back home on Te Ara Tawa and Middleton Road.

8 January 2018 – Plimmerton – Ngatitoa Domain to Plimmerton. Exploring hillside streets.

15 October 2017 – Tawa to Pukerua – Te Ara Tawa to Porirua, Plimmerton, Te Ara Harakeke, Pukerua, and back.

28 September 2017 – Folding Goldies ride – Seeking Sakura in Whitby – We took the train to Porirua, then the Whitby Traverse to see the cherry blossoms (Sakura) in Whitby's Nishio Garden, to Pauatahanui. After coffee at the Ground Up Café, we biked the Camborne Walkway, back to Mana, and then back to Takapu Road.

11 September 2017 – Mana to Pauatahanui – From Ngatitoa Domain, along Camborne Walkway to Pauatahanui, and back. 

5 July 2017 – Folding Goldies ride – Pukerua-Whitby-Porirua – Train to Pukerua, then ride down Te Ara Harakeke to Mana, cross to the Camborne Walkway and head to Pauatahanui’s Ground Up Café for coffee/lunch. Then through Whitby and Bothamley Park to Porirua, and home.

19 June 2017 – Mana to Pukerua – from Ngaitoa Domain in Mana, through Plimmerton, and up Te Ara Harakeke to Pukerua, where we explored the residential area on the east side of SH1. 

6 February 2017 – My sister gets an e-bike – Inaugural ride on Te Ara Tawa, from Takapu Road, via Porirua to Gear Homestead Café in Aotea, and back.

5 January 2017 – Plimmerton and Airlie Road – Ride from Mana to Plimmerton, then up the hill and around Plimmerton roads, ending up on Airlie Road and down Te Ara Harakeke back to Mana.

21 September 2016 – Folding Goldies Ride - Pauatahanui and Whitby – Train to Pukerua Bay, bike down Te Ara Harakeke to Plimmerton, along Camborne Walkway to Pauatajhanui, then the Whitby traverse back to Porirua, via Bothamley Park. 

26 July 2016 – Tawa to Plimmerton – Includes a visit to a fellow e-cyclist who commented on my blog.

7 July 2016 – Churton Park to Gear Homestead – John rode on his own along Middleton Road to Aotea and back.  

15 June 2016 – Folding Goldies Ride – Te Awa Tawa and Whitby –  A group ride from Tawa, to Whitby via the Bothamly Pathway, to Pauatahanui for lunch. Return to Mana via Te Ara Piko and the Camborne Walkway. Then bike back to Tawa.

23 May 2016 – Two short rides – Pauathanui and Gear Homestead 

10 May 2016 – Tawa to Plimmerton –  An easy ride into Tawa, via Mana to Plimmerton.

7 April 2016 – Te Ara Tawa – Kenepuru to Porirua – Cycling the newly opened section of Te Ara Tawa; Gear Homestead Café, and a look at Adrenalin Forest. 

20 March 2016 – Tawa to Gear Homestead – Easy ride on Te Ara Tawa, to Aotea and Gear Homestead café.

25 February 2016 – Tawa to Hongoeka Bay – Te Ara Tawa, Gear Homestead, Karehana Bay, Hongoeka Bay. 

8 January 2016 – Folding Goldies Ride – Moonshine – Train to Mana, ride to Pauatahanui, up to Judgeford, branch off onto Moonshine Road, over the hill to Silverstream, and bike back to Petone. 

23 November 2015 – Porirua to Pukerua – Porirua town centre, past Aotea Lagoon, Plimmerton, Te Ara Harakeke to Pukerua, down Airlie Road back to Plimmerton, and Porirua. 

3 November 2015 – Tawa to Plimmerton 

16 October 2015 – Cherry Blossoms in Whitby – A Folding Goldies ride: train to Porirua, bike through Bothamly Park to Whitby, to Pauatahanui and Mana, train back. 

6 July 2015 – Pukerua – Pauatahanui –Whitby – Train to Pukerua, Te Ara Harakeke, over Airlie Road to Karehana Bay, Mana, Camborne Walkway to Pauatahanui, Whitby, Porirua, Tawa. 

4 June 2015 – Pauatahanui and a Rainbow Night – Mana to Pauatahanui and back. SCD social evening with a rainbow theme. 

13 April 2015 – Bicycle Origami Ride – Group ride of folding bikes organised by Simon Kennett and Patrick Morgan. Train to Pukerua, bike to Pauatahanui, Whitby and back to Tawa. 

6 March 2015 – Tawa to Mana – Te Ara Tawa, Porirua, Mana, and back. 

20 February 2015 – Six rides since the Mackenzie trip – One of the rides is from Tawa to Porirua, through Whitby to Pauatahanui, Camborne Walkway, Paremata, Aotea, back to Tawa. 

18 December 2014 – Summer – at last? – Motukaraka Point, Pauatahanui, Whitby.

6 December 2014 - Pukerua Bay to Tawa, via Pauatahanui and Whitby – Folding Goldies ride: train to Pukerua, Te Ara Harakeke to Mana, Te Ara Piko to Puatahanui, through Whitby to Porirua, Te Ara Tawa back to Tawa. 

2 November 2014 – Pauatahanui and Battle Hill Farm – Motukaraka Point, Pauatahanui, Bradey Road. Battle Hill Farm. 

21 October 2014 – Whitireia Park – From Onepoto Bay, around the base of the Whitireia Peninsula, over the top to Titahi Bay and back to Onepoto. 

16 September 2014 – Plimmerton to Pukerua – Te Ara Harakeke, there and back. 

26 July 2014 – Pauatahanui Inlet and Pataka Museum – Ride from Plimmerton to Pautahanui and back. Then visit to Pataka Museum. 

24 March 2014 – Paremata to Pauatahanui – There and back. 

13 March 2014 – Plimmerton to Pauatahanui – Plimmerton, Mana, Camborne Walkway to Pauatahanui and back, then Plimmerton to Hongoeka Marae. 

27 February 2014 – Around the Pauatahanui Inlet – Porirua, Aotea, Paremata, along the southern side of the Pauatahanui Inlet, back on the northern side of the inlet, back to Porirua. 

4 February 2014 – Titahi Bay – Porirua to Titahi Bay and back. 

26 January 2014 – Plimmerton to Aotea Lagoon – There and back. 

8 January 2014 – Paremata to Karehana Bay 

13 October 2013 – Ara Harakeke – Plimmerton to Pukerua and back. 

21 August 2013 – Tawa and Plimmerton – Two short rides. First: Te Ara Tawa. Second: Plimmerton to Karehana Bay and back. 

1 June 2013 – Te Ara Harakeke Track – Paremata to Karehana Bay, Plimmerton to Pukerua, back over Airlie Road. 

21 May 2013 – Whitireia Park Track – Onepoto, around the base of Whitireia peninsula, track over the saddle from Onehunga Bay back to Onepoto.


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