Friday 14 November 2014

Waikanae River Loop Track

Last Saturday, 8 November, we went for another ride with my sister and brother-in-law. As it was a lovely day, we went up the Kapiti Coast to ride the Waikanae River track. We parked at the Otaihanga Domain and biked along the southern bank first.

Along the southern bank of the Waikanae River (photo by John)

We loved this swathe of yellow buttercups (photo by John)

We enjoyed showing Aimée and Neil this lovely track that they had never been to before. It’s great how biking gives you access to places you wouldn’t be able to go to in a car.

When we got to SH1, we walked our bikes across the bridge, and returned on the northern bank. The track goes past the Kapiti Equestrian Centre. Every time I ride past there, I think how much fun it would be to get back into horse riding. I used to ride when I was young, and also for about a year, when my children were learning to ride. But I think riding a bike is probably a whole lot cheaper, and rather more versatile.

Aimée and Neil ride past the Equestrian Centre (photo by John)

We rode around the Waimanu Lagoon on our way to a café to have lunch. We stopped to take a look at a plaque telling the story about Henry, the black swan, who struck up a lifelong friendship with a goose named Thomas. I wrote about this plaque in another blog post last year.

Reading the story about Henry and Thomas (photo by John)

The cormorant tree, by the Waimanu Lagoon. Over time, the birds’ droppings end up killing the tree (photo by John)

Then we rode through the streets of Waikanae Beach to Café Waimea, which overlooks the beach, and had a delicious lunch in the sun.

Lunch in the sun

A postprandial photo before heading home (photo by John)

We returned to the cars, having biked 16 km. We’re hoping for another nice day this coming weekend, so we can all go for another ride.

That will be the last weekend that Aimée and Neil can go biking with us before Christmas, as their weekends will be taken up with markets and studio open days. Aimée is a potter, and this is a busy time of year for her. Here are details about where and when you can view, and hopefully buy, her pots. I'm sure she would love to see you. Do browse her gallery of work on her website.

Details of Aimée’s Open Weekend on 22 and 23 November
(Click to enlarge)

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