Monday, 22 January 2018

E-bike group ride – Paekakariki to Peka Peka

On Sunday 14 January, we went on an e-bike group ride, organised by our next door neighbour, Sue Fish. She invited her neighbours on the other side of her, Laurie and Shirlene to come along, and put out a call on Meet-Up, which yielded two more people, Bridget and Gordon, so there were seven of us all up.

We met at Paekakariki, and biked to Peka Peka for lunch at Harrisons and back. This is a ride John and I have done quite a few times now, so it was nothing new to us, but it was fun to go in a group. In fact, John and Sue, and Laurie and Shirlene, had actually biked the same route on New Year’s day, when I was away in Masterton at a Scottish country dance Summer School. That was a successful ride, hence the repeat.

Laurie, Shirlene and Sue take a breather in the shade on New Year’s Day (photo by John)

When they biked back along the waterfront, they found an artwork on the beach – a great spiral, raked into the sand. Quite impressive.

An artwork on the beach (photo by John)

On the day of our group ride, we drove up in time to have coffee and scones at the Perching Parrot Café before the meet-up time of 11 am.

Meeting up at Paekakariki (photo by Sue)

Coming up to the Makarini Street bridge, on the Kapiti Expressway cycle track (photo by John)

It took us about an hour and three-quarters to bike the 26 km to Peka Peka, where we enjoyed a nice long stop for lunch, as it was very busy at the café, and food took a long while to arrive.

Arriving at Peka Peka. It was a very, very hot day, hence the shorts and sleeveless top …
(photo by John)

A pleasant long lunch at Harrisons (photo by Sue)

About to depart after lunch. Sue's SmartMotion is a "grown-up" version of ours
(i.e. full size, non folding)  (photo by Bridget)

On the return trip, Sue and the others put on a big spurt. I had to crank the assist up to level 4, and at times even level 5, to keep up. I think Sue believes in making the most of her e-bike capacity, whereas John and I like to take our time. I was quite tired at the end of the day’s 52 km.

Gordon and Sue take the lead (photo by John)

On the way back into Paekakariki along the waterfront, the beach looked very inviting. Lots of families were making the most of a hot Sunday afternoon at the beach.

Coming back into Paekakariki along The Parade (photo by John)

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