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Occasionally I write blog posts about other activities that have nothing to do with cycling – e.g. exhibitions we have seen, concerts or performances we have attended, or Scottish Country Dance events we have been part of. I write them up partly as a visual diary for myself since we usually take photos of these activities, and partly as a means of sharing them with the readers of this blog.

Below I have compiled a list of links to these “Other Stuff” posts, so that they can be found more easily. For the sake of completeness, I have also included posts that contain both a bike ride and some other activity. The posts are listed in reverse chronological order – i.e. the latest one is at the top.

7 January 2017 – Paekakariki and Historic Trams – As part of a ride on Te Ara o Whareroa we visited the Tram Museum, and met up with a friend who is a volunteer tram driver. We went on two tram rides, while Robert explained everything to us.

14 December 2016 – Blog catch-up – Still in the throes of renovations, and John's health is still a worry.

18 October 2016 – Why I haven't blogged for two months ... – No rides for many weeks, because of renovations to ur house (and need for someone to be home for trades people); and health set-back for John.

26 August 2016 – Scottish Country Dancing – Johnsonville's 50 Golden Years – A big celebration of one of the SCD Clubs that John and I belong to.

31 May 2016 – An Exhibition of Ceramics and Photographs – My potter sister had an exhibition of her ceramic table ware, and John was invited to display some of his electron micrographs (photographs of very tiny objects).  

27 March 2016 – Graffiti or Art? –  We talk to an artist painting a Chorus cabinet.

22 February 2016 – The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo – I attended this exciting event in Wellington’s Westpac Stadium, along with some 20,000 other people. 

2 September 2015 – Stars and Lights – A wee “mishap”; the Johnsonville Scottish Country Dance Club’s 60th anniversary dance; the Lux Lights Festival on the Wellington Waterfront. 

17 June 2015 – Wellington South Coast and a Ceilidh – A bike ride, and a Scottish Country Dancing Ceilidh.

4 June 2015 – Pauatahanui and a Rainbow Night – A bike ride in the day time, and a rainbow-themed social dance at the Tawa Scottish Country Dance club. 

9 May 2015 – Ice creams and lunches – A bit of philosophising about why and how we enjoy cycling.

26 August 2014 – A busy weekend – A “Wellington on a Plate” event at Boomrock Lodge; the Johnsonville Scottish Country Dance Club Annual Dance; and a performance of the opera “Der Rosenkavalier” by Richard Strauss. 

9 July 2014 – Wellington hometown tourist – We played at being tourists in our own home town. We looked at beautiful buildings, and discovered works of art that we didn’t know were there. 

11 February 2014 – The Wellington Rugby Sevens Parade – A group of Scottish country dancers took part in the Rugby Sevens parade to support the Scottish team. John took photos of the parade and crowd. 

6 February 2014 – A Ceilidh – The Johnsonville SCD Club held a Ceilidh to kick off the dancing year. Members enjoyed dancing, listening to items by some of our musically talented members, and a potluck dinner. 

19 January 2014 – Petone to Lowry Bay – and pottery and music – A bike ride, a visit to my sister’s  pottery gallery, and a Dixieland jazz concert in the Wellington Botanic Gardens. 

18 January 2014 – Silverstream to Harcourt Park – and art exhibitions – A bike ride, finishing with a visit to the Dowse Art Museum in Lower Hutt. 

14 January 2014 – Scottish Country Dancing – An informative article about Scottish country dancing. Includes some videos.

5 January 2014 – Scottish Country Dancing – Hogmanay – The Wellington Region SCD Clubs get together to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a Hogmanay dance. 

20 December 2013 – Leonard Cohen, open air opera, and other delights – Two contrasting musical performances: a concert by Leonard Cohen, and an opera performed in a Days Bay garden; and a late night walk on the Wellington waterfront on a moonlit evening. 

21 October 2013 – Dancing, biking and more dancing! – SCD workshop in the morning; a bike ride in the afternoon; an evening SCD dance to celebrate this year’s new dancers. 

29 September 2013 – Petone Foreshore and Pottery Exhibition – A visit to potter Aimée McLeod’s (that’s my sister) exhibition, followed by a bike ride. 

14 September 2013 – Wellington Free Ambulance street appeal – I helped out one of my favourite charities by collecting during their street appeal. Our family owes a lot to the Wellington Free Ambulance. 

9 September 2013 – Hutt River Trail and art exhibitions – A bike ride, followed by a visit to some exhibitions in the Dowse Art Museum in Lower Hutt. 

28 July 2013 – Hutt River Trail and Dowse Art Museum – A bike ride, followed by a look at the exhibition of potter Barry Brickell’s work at the Dowse Art Museum.


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