Tuesday, 31 May 2016

An Exhibition of Ceramics and Photographs

Last night was the opening of my sister Aimée McLeod’s ceramic exhibition, entitled “The Dinner Party”. It features ceramic tableware, which is beautiful and varied. Her statement for the exhibition is:

“Fast food, take away coffees out of paper cups and plastic containers, eating on the run or in front of TV, hurry, stress … part of the daily routine for many these days. Consider instead sitting down with friends at a table with plates and dishes that are worthy of the food and enhance the pleasure of eating.”

The exhibition is at the Thistle Hall, on the corner of Cuba Street and Karo Drive, and will be on until next Sunday (5 June 2016).

Aimée’s exhibition invitation

As part of the exhibition, Aimée invited John and another photographer, Roland Idaczyk, to display their photos on the blank walls of the gallery.

John’s photos are not what you would expect from reading this blog. In fact they are electron micrographs – photographs taken through the electron microprobe (a very powerful microscope) that he was in charge of when he worked at Victoria University. The photos are large magnifications of very tiny objects.

John setting up his display of electron micrographs

As part of his display, John has also included some photos of paintings by a Czech artist, Linda Ćihařová, who has interpreted some of his photos as landscapes. 

John’s display "Electron Micrographs – Comparisons and Interpretations" (photo by John)

A salt-treated glass slide (top) was interpreted by Linda as  
“Poplars on the Ganimedes” (photo by John)

John has written about this exhibition, and particularly about his electron micrographs, on his website. It includes further details about the photos and the processes. Check out his website, but also, do go and see the real thing, and visit the gallery.

Aimée’s exhibition of ceramic tableware was displayed in groups with interesting titles, enhancing the exhibition's title "The Dinner Party": "Go Wellington" – a dinner set in Wellington’s colours of black and gold; "High Tea" – teapots, cups and saucers, sugar bowls and milk jugs; "The Buffet" – platters, casserole dishes and serving bowls; "The Dinner" – Aimée’s latest range of porcelain dinner and lunch plates, bowls large and small, all in pristine white on the outside, and luscious colours on the inside; "The Alternatives" – plates and dishes in other styles; "The Bar" – jugs and goblets in different styles; and "The Visitors" – a collection of abstract ‘human’ forms, which would look delightful in any garden.

As well as tableware, there are large bowls and platters with beautiful glazes, which can be functional or purely decorative.

Aimée with some of her ceramic work, on ‘setting-up’ day (photo by John)

Below are photos of some of Aimée’s displays, but please do go and have a look for yourselves, and buy a beautiful piece – or several pieces – of ceramic. Buy some tableware for your next dinner party, a sculpture for your garden, or a gorgeous large bowl, just because you love it!

“Go Wellington” – a dinner set in Wellington’s colours of black and gold (photo by John)

“High Tea” – teapots, cups and saucers, sugar bowls and milk jugs (photo by John)

“The Buffet” – platters, casserole dishes, plates and serving bowls (photo by John)

“The Dinner” – Aimée’s latest range of porcelain dinnerware

A feature of Aimée’s ceramic work is that she intentionally steers away from “perfect” circles. Perfection can be made by machines and moulds. That sort of stuff you can buy at Briscoes or the Warehouse. But Aimée’s work celebrates the fact that it is hand-made. Plates and bowls have deliberately wavy edges, or cut-outs, or dents, or decorative elements.

“The Alternatives” (photo by John)

More “Alternatives” (photo by John)

“The Bar” – jugs and goblets, and more cups and saucers (photo by John)

Large bowl and platter with beautiful glazes, which can be functional or purely decorative
 (photo by John)

“The Visitors” (photo by John)

Roland Idaczyk’s display of photos “Urban Trees” (photo by John)

At last night’s exhibition opening function (photo by John)

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