Monday, 25 April 2016

Hutt River Trail and Point Howard

Today was Anzac Day – a pretty important day in New Zealand, as the country remembers the Gallipoli campaign. The day commemorates all New Zealanders killed in war and also honours returned servicemen and women.

And this year, 25 April was on a Monday, which meant a long weekend. Being retired, a long weekend is not much different for us from an ordinary weekend, except for there being more people on the cycle paths on the extra day. There were lots of people out and about on the Hutt River trail. Good to see families with Mum, Dad and the kids all on bikes.

The weather was beautiful, despite a slight haze over the hills and city. We couldn’t not go for a ride, so we did an easy pedal on the Hutt River trail, leaving from Seaview. Having watched the Anzac Day coverage on TV earlier, we were a bit late leaving. We went as far as Janus Bakkerij, where we must have had the last coffee they were serving before they closed at 3 pm.

When we got back to Seaview, we continued towards Lowry Bay, and took some nice photos. This blog won’t have much of a narrative, but I will post some photos that we are quite pleased with.

The Seaview foreshore (photo by John)

Nice day for a round of golf – Boulcott’s Farm Heritage Golf Club (photo by John)

Reflections at the Seaview Marina (photo by John)

Under a catamaran (photo by John)

Point Howard Wharf

Fishing off the Point Howard Wharf (photo by John)

On Point Howard Wharf

Lowry Bay’s historic boatshed (photo by John)

Rocks near Point Howard

Point Howard pipelines (photo by John)

The end of a day on the water (photo by John)

The shadows are closing in on the marina

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