Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Te Ara o Whareroa – again!

When we went on our last ride – the Folding Goldies ride to Te Ara o Whareroa – my sister was going to come along. However, in the end she wasn’t able to make it, so when her birthday came round soon after, we suggested that we could make a special birthday trip one day, and shout her lunch.

This time Aimée was to use John’s e-bike, while he rode the non-electrified Giant. Again we took the train to Waikanae from Takapu Road Station.

On the train to Waikanae (photo by John)

Before setting off from Waikanae station, the e-bike gave her a bit of a terrifying thrill, when she inadvertently tweaked the throttle, which made the bike rear up on its back wheel, and want to career off in a circle. Fortunately she had the presence of mind to release her grip on the throttle, and all was well. After that, John disconnected the throttle until we were in a safer place.

We biked along the Waikanae River, and when we got to Paraparaumu Beach, we briefly diverted to Olive Terrace for a quick look at the house where our parents used to live. It is much changed in the last ten years. Then we headed to the Beach Hutch for lunch.

We biked along the Waikanae River (photo by John)

Lunch at the Beach Hutch (photo by John)

After a leisurely lunch, we pedalled along Paraparaumu foreshore on the lovely smooth shared foot/cycle path and through Raumati to Te Ara o Whareroa, the new track through Queen Elizabeth II Park.

Paraparaumu foreshore (photo by John)

Te Ara Whareroa (photo by John)

It was a hot, cloudless day, and the hills are showing the signs of the long dry summer. Most people are loving the current run of fine weather, but I'm sure the farmers might like a drop or two of rain.

The hills are very dry (photo by John)

We biked 25 km on this ride, and when asked how she liked riding the e-bike, Aimée's response was “I’m sold!”. She found this ride much easier than the last one she did with us – which admittedly was longer, but on which she rode a non-electric bike for most of the way, and felt a bit the worse for wear afterwards.

Waiting for the train at Paekakariki station (photo by John)

The train departing from Takapu Road station (photo by John)

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