Friday, 6 March 2015

Wellington Waterfront

On Tuesday 3 March, we went for a gentle 10 km ride along the Wellington Waterfront. It was a fine warm afternoon, and it was quite late by the time we started biking, about 4:30 pm. John had suggested we go for a ride, and then have fish and chips somewhere. The prospect of not having to cook dinner is always a powerful motive for me (I detest cooking!) so, yes, I was happy to go for a ride.

We used our regular folding bikes and it was a pleasure to ride them on the flat. They are just that bit lighter and more manoeuverable than the e-bikes. It was our usual waterfront ride – from the far end of Oriental Bay to the Stadium and back – but there is always something different to see and photograph.

At Queen’s Wharf, we watched some dragon boat crews being put through their paces. The Wellington Dragon Boat Festival takes place on 14-15 March – less than two weeks away – and these crews seemed to be pretty raw beginners. Interesting to watch though. They were practicing paddling backwards – for lining up at the start of the race, I presume.

Three dragon boat crews learning to paddle as a team

The sailing ship Robert C Seamans was tied up at Queens Wharf (photo by John)

Further round the waterfront, at the Tug Wharf, we were in time to see the tug Tiaki setting off, to go and pull the cruise ship Dawn Princess into the harbour for her sailing at 6 pm. We rode along to the cruise ship terminal, near the Stadium, to take a look at the Dawn Princess. She is not as gi-normous as some other cruise ships that have visited Wellington this summer. Perhaps a bit more “intimate” with "only" 999 cabins?

The tug Tiaki about to head out to assist the Dawn Princess (photo by John)

Riding back to Oriental Bay, John liked the light on the water at the boat harbour by the Clyde Quay Apartments.

The boat harbour (photo by John)

By the time we got back to the car, the Dawn Princess was steaming towards the harbour exit. We rode a little bit further along to be able to get a good photo of it.

The Dawn Princess leaves Wellington for the second-to-last time this cruising season (photo by John)

Looking back towards the city (photo by John)

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