Saturday, 21 June 2014

Petone to Point Howard

Today we rode along the Petone Foreshore and to Point Howard – again. We hadn’t intended to go biking today, as I had been feeling a bit under the weather. But it was such a beautiful day – sun, and no wind – that it seemed a waste if we didn’t go out. A nice gentle pedal on the flat was just the tonic I needed. Just over 14 km, in an hour and a quarter. Much better than a vigorous Zumba class, which is my usual Friday activity.

As I have written about this ride several times before, there isn’t a lot to be said that’s new, but we did take some quite nice photos.

The Petone Wharf
Catching dinner. That's Matiu-Somes Island in the middle of the harbour

We were intrigued by the pale blue streak on the water in the distance, almost as if there was a haze. I think it was a result of the sea being flat calm. Rather like a mirage. It shows in the above photo, and in the one below, where a yacht at the entrance to the harbour seems to be suspended above the water …

The yacht seems to be floating above the water (click to enlarge) (photo by John)

Near the Hikoikoi Reserve, we watched a digger dredging out the entrance to the Hutt River. It is not a proper dredge, but a digger working from a barge, which is being moved around by the little yellow tug. (Sounds like a topic for a children's story!)

Dredging the Hutt River (photo by John)

We crossed the Waione Bridge between Petone and Seaview, and for once there were no anglers trying their luck off the bridge. We were able to ride straight across, without having to dodge around bodies, buckets and fishing rods.

The water at the Seaview Marina was flat calm and mirror-like, yielding some nice photos of reflections.

Reflections at the Seaview Marina

A shimmering ‘abstract’ of masts and forestays (is that the right term?) (photo by John)

More yachts and their reflections (photo by John)

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